Safety Equipment

Having the right safety gear is vital to any welding or cutting job. We offer a range of options for welding helmets. We have helmets that are wonderful for the first time welder as well as more high end ones for the career welder. We have various safety glasses for work indoors and outdoors. Some that are magnified as well as different options for shade 5 eye protection.

We have a whole room dedicated to gloves and jackets. There are gloves for all types of work as well as finger protectors and back pads to help make the gloves last longer and protect your hands better. The jackets come in many different types and material. There are full cloth and full leather jackets or if you don't like full leather jackets but still want to protect your arms we do carry hybrid jackets which are cloth but have leather sleeves. For the summer months you have the option of cape sleeve jackets which leaves your back uncovered or ditching jackets altogether and going with sleeves only.

Respirators are important to keeping your lungs clear of welding fumes. We have several different types that are great for welding including welding galvanized metal. 

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